Ways To Reuse And Recycle Your Kids’ Old Clothes

As parents, it’s natural to want to buy adorable little outfits for our newborn babies, but what should we do with them all once they have outgrown them?

This is especially the case for special items that only get worn once or twice, like Halloween outfits, Easter dresses or Christmas clothes. So what do you do with these perfectly good items that may have only been worn a handful of times?

Here’s our ideas on what you can do…











  • Old-school hand-me-downs

Oh-so-simple but effective – whether it’s a bagful of baby onesies or a pile of toddler jeans, if your child’s clothes are in good condition there will surely be a friend, family member or school gate buddy more than happy to take them off your hands. Don’t be shy, just ask…

  • Donate to charity

Your child’s perfectly good clothes won’t do anyone any good at the bottom of the trash bin. Pass them along to a new wearer by donating to charity! Many charitable organizations have drop boxes and donation locations where you can leave your items.

  • Turn old clothes into new memories 

Join the army of refashionistas turning old and outgrown clothes into new items – whether that’s making a memory quilt from babygrows, transforming an old jumper into a stuffed toy or a skirt into a hairband. 

  • Have a garage sale

If you’ve got lots of kids’ clothes to get rid of, and maybe a few other things around the house as well, consider hosting a garage sale! Get a little extra cash for the clothes that still have lots of life left in them, and take advantage of the opportunity to get to know your neighbors!