Balabala Baby Unisex Spring Knitted Innerwear Triangle Top

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Color: White Yellow Hue

White Yellow Hue
Yellow White Hue
Red White Hue

Size: 52

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1. Color: This two-piece triangle jacket comes in three colors, a simple and neutral cloud Floral Version, a colorful small "eating" light pattern in cooperation with Sister Mai IP, Chinese red with a New Year theme series of candied haws, different styles to make babies happy Change the shape at any time, cute and cute. 2. Style: This triangle garment has a fully open double-layer belly protection design to protect the baby's belly; it has different-colored straps inside and outside, so the laces are not messy, and the elasticity is adjustable, making it comfortable and not tight. The collar webbing buckle is lighter and thinner, comfortable and does not wear on the neck. The crotch bottom and foot opening are 3Dly gathered, imitating the body shape of a baby wearing a diaper, making the package more fitting and comfortable. The red solid color fabric is cotton lantern jacquard, which is rich in texture, soft and comfortable. The 3D craftsmanship of small glutinous rice balls on the piping is the finishing touch, adding interest. 3. Matching: This can be used with children's pants, small jackets, quilts, etc. It is particularly suitable for daily wear. 4. Seasonal: This thickness is suitable for spring and autumn. It can be worn in any season.

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