Balabala Unveils New Sustainable Clothing Collection, Pioneering Environmental Responsibility

Balabala, is committed to environmental sustainability by offering eco-friendly clothing and footwear. Utilizing sustainable materials like regenerated cellulose and bio-based fibers, we’ve developed a range of sustainable products.

As of 2023, 11% of our products, including T-shirts, pants, bodysuits, underwear, and toddler shoes, are sustainable. We aim to expand this range, providing more sustainable choices for consumers and ensuring a safer, more comfortable experience for children.

The following are representative sustainable products of Balabala in 2024. They embody our understanding of children's growth and our support for sustainable development in terms of research and design and material functions


The Magic T-shirt

In 2023, Balabala’s Ultraman IP T-shirt series was a hit, with sales over 100 million RMB.

In 2024, Balabala plans to launch a new Ultraman Magic T series, using sustainable Magic Yarn fabric.

Magic Yarn fabric, made from Sorona fiber, which reduces energy consumption by 30% and greenhouse gas emissions by 50% compared to nylon 6. It also offers superior moisture absorption and quick-drying capabilities, providing a cool and comfortable experience for children.

The fabric maintains its shape even when stretched, making it ideal for workout clothes. Balabala aims to provide a comfortable wearing experience through sustainable materials and design, embodying the courage, strength, and unity symbolized by Ultraman.

The brand inspires everyone to bravely chase their heroic dreams. This collaboration represents a significant step towards sustainable fashion, demonstrating Balabala’s commitment to environmental responsibility while delivering high-quality, fashionable products.


Iced Tea T-shirt

The Cool Tea T is made from eco-friendly Lenzing Lyocell fiber, known as “tree cotton”.

This fiber is produced using a unique technology from certified plantations, ensuring minimal environmental impact and superior performance.

The production process employs a closed-loop system with a non-toxic solvent, and the fiber can be biodegraded after use. The fabric blends natural tea essence and cooling mica, enhancing thermal conductivity and providing a cooling sensation during hot summers.

The Iced Tea cooling sensation can last up to 40 minutes, with a maximum cooling effect of 5℃. The fabric also has an antibacterial function due to the carbonized tea residue added to the spinning masterbatch, keeping clothes fresh, protecting skin health, and extending garment lifespan.

The Cool Tea series fabric also has moisture absorption and quick-drying properties. Its fiber cross-section is shaped like a “cross”, swiftly absorbing sweat and promoting evaporation, ensuring comfort during hot summers.


Baby Jeans

Balabala’s “Jeans for Babies” are designed to foster children’s development and exploration. Crafted from TENCEL™ “Indigo Modal” fiber, a product of Lenzing Company’s Indigo Color technology, these jeans offer superior color fastness, surpassing standard indigo-dyed denim products. This reduces dye shedding and fading, ensuring safety and durability.

Unlike traditional jeans, our Indigo Modal is more resource-efficient, earning multiple international certifications, including the EU Ecolabel and OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 level 1.

The fabric boasts enduring softness, excellent breathability, and high resilience, providing gentle care for a baby’s delicate skin. Its clean, simple style allows babies to exhibit a sense of fashion from a young age. This combination of safety, comfort, and fashion has earned the fabric national patent certification.


Natural Corn Series Toddler Shoes

The Natural Corn Series Toddler Shoes, made from biodegradable corn fiber, are a sustainable and innovative product.

The shoes prioritize the child’s comfort and health, with the lightweight, breathable corn fiber providing a soft touch against the skin.

The memory foam insole molds to the child’s foot for enhanced comfort, while the soybean cotton foot pad offers anti-mold and antibacterial properties, ensuring a healthy environment for the child’s growth.

Available in various colors and styles, these shoes cater to different preferences, allowing every child to find their favorite pair for their world exploration journey.


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