Get ready to experiment with style and flair this summer season! From tropical prints to duo dressing, we've got the top fashion tips worth taking notes on for your little...



Lightweight clothing is more suitable for summer. Since the temperatures are warming up, heavy clothing will no longer be needed. Of course, you will need to throw in a lightweight jacket for the cool evenings. If possible, it may be a good idea to include a pair of lightweight pants for these times as well. It is still a little too early for sleeveless shirts. So, make sure your child’s arms are partially covered until the weather gets warmers. This will eliminate the need for a jacket until the sun goes down.



Trendy And Stylish

While providing your children with comfort and flexibility, the clothing must also be stylish and trendy. Fortunately, we keep this in mind when we are working on the new summer lineup. The trendy designs for this summer are pastels, tie-dyes and prints. You really cannot go wrong with any of these designs.

Vintage Florals: Continuing on from last year, the growing trend of quaint vintage floral prints is still making a strong statement this season. For those upcoming special occasions and summer days, a vintage floral dress with frills, collars, and light, breathable fabrics are a must-have for your little girl’s wardrobe.

Stripes: Stripes are a great gender-neutral statement for this summer and we are seeing them across a broad spectrum of pieces. From traditional striped cotton to washed-out stripe linen, this is a timeless fashion trend that can be dressed up and down for all types of occasions.

Mixing And Matching

If you encounter any issues finding the perfect attire for your child this summer, you will always have the option of mixing and matching.

Denim: When in doubt, denim. It’s the ideal staple fabric that is bound to always be in your little one's wardrobe as they continue to grow. We’d recommend experiment with different types of two-toned denim dressing as well as lightweight, washed-out denim skirts and dresses. 

Neutrals: Sometimes keeping it simple is all you need to do. From tan to terracotta, navy and cream, we’re all for teaming neutral tones together this summer season. Neutrals are always done best when showcased through quality fabrics like linen and breathable cottons.



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