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When winter rolls around, polar bear parents must be pretty chill because their cubs are born with thick fur ready to tackle the cold. Us humans, on the other hand, have to start prepping warm clothes for the little ones in advance. In this article, we'll introduce some practical types of jackets to help you pick the right one for your kids.


Puffer jackets/Down jackets

A jacket with warm filling is one of the coziest choices for winter. When choosing a warm jacket, you'll need to decide between a down jacket filled with feathers or a cotton jacket filled with synthetic materials.

- Down jacket: Natural down provides unmatched warmth, and jackets or puffer coats made with down are also lightweight and easy to take care of. However, in wet weather, a regular down jacket might not provide as much warmth, so if you're worried about the impact of humidity, you should look for (more expensive) waterproof down fabrics.

- Cotton jacket: Synthetic material jackets or coats are cheaper than down jackets, and they can still keep you warm even when wet. Some higher quality synthetic materials can be just as effective at keeping you warm as down jackets, but a lot cheaper.


Wool and fleece jackets

Features: soft, warm, affordable. Wool jackets are great for layering in winter, providing moderate warmth. The only downside is they're not waterproof or windproof - so kids need separate rain gear for those situations. Fleece jackets combine lightweight insulation with a bit of water and wind resistance, offering similar warmth to a lightweight wool jacket.


Outdoor performance (skiing) jackets

These jackets (mostly synthetic materials) have features that make them suitable for outdoor activities. Most of them are waterproof/breathable, so they can double as rain gear in colder conditions.



Three-in-one jacket

This kind of jacket combines a rain-resistant shell (usually with waterproof/breathable fabric) with a warm lining. The lining can be made of wool, down, or synthetic materials. It's the most versatile jacket option, as kids can wear each piece separately or together.


Casual jacket

This is just a broad term for a jacket that's not too rugged or technical.



Rain jacket

Even though many cotton jackets can also provide waterproof functionality, in certain situations, kids still need a separate rain jacket. When it's windy or rainy, kids need to have a raincoat on top of their wool jacket.


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