balabala Baby Unisex Have Fun Style Baby Underwear Side Open Jumpsuit

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Color: White Blue Hue

White Blue Hue

Size: Newborn

0-3 Months
3-6 Months
6-9 Months
货号: 20022413320900318052

1. Color: This model uses a combination of natural white and ice water blue. It has a fresh and soft natural tone, which is cool and transparent, making people think of the mysterious ocean world. The baby looks particularly fresh when wearing it. 2. Style: This is a two-piece butterfly top with long and short sleeves. The butterfly style is specially designed for babies aged one month old. It has a butterfly-shaped hem and is more suitable for newborns. The baby can sleep, turn over, and kick their legs without being restrained. When the hem is closed, it becomes a one-piece, and when opened, it becomes a robe. It is practical and convenient, especially suitable for babies to wear in summer. You can wear this short-sleeved one when the summer is hot, and long-sleeved one when the air conditioner is on. The two pieces are suitable for wearing in different temperature environments to meet the needs of different scenes. This fabric is cotton polyester single-sided fabric with marine animal burnout. The burned area is more breathable and soft. Densely woven area absorbs sweat and keeps you dry. It is light, breathable and cool in summer. The flower shapes are simple marine animals, cute and cute. The simple small octopus woven label on the chest increases the exposure of one's own IP. The whole style is particularly cool and comfortable for babies to wear. 3. Matching: This can be used with hats, saliva towels, socks, etc. for children, which is particularly suitable for daily wear. 4. Seasonal: This thickness is suitable for wearing in summer.


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