Balabala Baby Girl New Year Season Woven One-Piece Dress

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Color: Chinese Red

Chinese Red

Size: 73

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1. Story: The prototype of the fabric pattern comes from the paper kite in traditional Chinese culture. It is inspired by the poem "Children come back early from school and fly the kite in the east wind". The east wind symbolizes beauty and the future, and the paper kite represents exploration, freedom, and connection with nature. , in a festival like the New Year when winter turns to spring, the activity of releasing paper kites can also bring about family interaction, which is educational and entertaining. 2: On the pattern, the simplified traditional curly grass pattern and clouds are combined to echo the small paper kites and create a A lively scene of paper kites flying all over the sky in spring, the pattern content is highlighted through the special fabric technology, making the pattern and clothing more harmonious: 3. Version: A-type version, comfortable to wear, a must-have for the New Year.


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