balabala Toddler Girl Have Fun Style Knitted Casual Clothes

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Color: Blue


Size: 2-4 Years

2-4 Years
4-5 Years
6-7 Years
7-8 Years
8-10 Years
10-12 Years
货号: 20122410500280085100

1. White and blue gradient 2. Made of nylon-ammonia single-sided technical fabric, which has a cool sun protection and breathable function. The fabric feels smooth and drapey, and the upper body is not stuffy in summer; spliced ​​mesh fabric is used at the neckline and under the arms to increase breathability; The hat has a new beginning, which meets the needs of children's hair style. It is co-branded with IP, and the Sanrio big-eared dog pattern is embellished on the front and back, and it is more refined when combined with glitter technology. 3. You can wear a vest or T-shirt inside, and the lower body can be paired with a pleated skirt or jeans.


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