balabala Baby Unisex Have Fun Style Baby Underwear Side Open Jumpsuit

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Color: White Green Hue

White Green Hue

Size: Newborn

0-3 Months
3-6 Months
6-9 Months
9-18 Months
18-24 Months
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1. Color: This model has three colors. Color A is a cute chick shape in cream color, with a three-dimensional stamp design of a chick’s mouth on the placket; color B uses the wavy striped pattern of the chick ball IP. , the chicks interspersed in it are also very cute. Color C is a colorful ocean flower version, showing the puppy diver traveling in the underwater world. Multiple colors are available, providing parents with more choices. 2. Style: This jumpsuit is divided into large and small sizes. The small size 52-66 is a side-opening lace-up jumpsuit with 7 ingenious craftsmanship to protect the baby's growth; the large size 73-90 is a side-opening snap-button jumpsuit. It is ergonomic and more suitable for baby activities. Babies have a strong metabolism and are particularly prone to sweating. This fabric is made of 145g cloud core cotton moisture-absorbent and quick-drying 2.0, which is the "cotton small absorbent" in the cotton family. It is soft and full of cotton and can absorb moisture quickly; it accelerates diffusion and evaporation to keep you dry and comfortable. It is very comfortable for babies to wear. 3. Matching: This can be used with small vests, quilts, etc. for children, which is particularly suitable for daily wear. 4. Seasonal: This thickness is suitable for wearing in summer, spring and autumn.

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