Balabala Baby Unisex New Year Season Woven Outwear Jumpsuits

$167.00 CAD

Color: Cream White

Cream White
Chinese Red

Size: 66

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1. The shape of the gourd quilted pointed hat is unique and does not conflict with the shirt. The gourd means "Fu Lu" and gives the baby a good vision and expectation. 2. The fabric uses Uniform film fabric, which uses special film technology to make the fabric have good waterproof properties. It can effectively prevent moisture from penetrating into the fabric and keep the fabric and clothing dry. It is both waterproof and windproof, and the Uniform membrane fabric still has good breathability. It allows water vapor to be released from the fabric, allowing body heat and moisture to escape. This helps keep the body dry and comfortable and reduces sweat retention. Don’t worry about your baby sweating while playing during the Chinese New Year. 3. High-quality down filling, very fluffy, light and full of warmth. It is a small heater for the New Year in winter. 4. Apple-shaped patch pockets, pocket red envelopes and small candies. 5. The cute candied haws-glut chapter adds fun and lively atmosphere.

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