Balabala Toddler Unisex New Year Season Knitted Socks

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Color: Red White Hue

Red White Hue
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Size: 66

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Main selling point: New Year's red socks balabala co-branded with Anhui Province's intangible cultural heritage - Wangmantian fish lanterns to create a New Year's "red" luck atmosphere. Let the children learn and understand traditional cultural knowledge and history while wearing Balabala socks in the New Year.
Second selling point: 1. Material: Balabala high-grade combed cotton is selected, using compact spinning technology. Compared with ordinary combed cotton, this yarn has less hairiness, high strength, smoother yarn surface, and high-quality resistance. Pilling and abrasion resistance; full terry thickness, suitable for winter wear, comfortable, fluffy, sweat-absorbent and warm. Textile with golden ratio of Lycra elastic spandex, high resilience, more comfortable to wear, not easy to deform 2. Technology: seamless hand-sewn head, no bulging feeling when wearing; Using trapezoidal plate shaping technology, the socks fit the leg shape and are not easy to pinch the legs; 3D heel, socks not easy to fall off 3. Version: above the ankle height to meet a variety of wearing needs 4. Design: both girls and boys choose warm red as the main color. As for the auxiliary color, boys choose colors with strong brightness and contrast, giving people a warm and lively feeling; girls choose dreamy pink that gives people a sense of softness and sweetness. Bright color contrast is used to highlight the red New Year attribute of the product and the romantic traditional culture. Balabala cooperates with Wangmantian Fish Lantern to create a cultural breakthrough, combining traditional handicrafts with clothing, allowing children to learn and understand traditional cultural knowledge and history while wearing Balabala socks.

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