Balabala Kids Girl Spring Knitted Underpants

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Color: Red Hue

Red Hue
Purple Hue

Size: 90

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Selling points: Cloud Series - comfortable and safe; rich colors - never repeat the same thing every day; 3A anti-bacterial - considerate care 1. Fabric: The fabric is made of high-quality combed cotton as raw material, using compact spinning technology, the cotton fibers are arranged more closely, and the yarn The surface is smooth, flat and smooth. The addition of spandex gives the fabric excellent resilience, making it comfortable to wear and non-deformable. After being treated with special dyeing and finishing processes, the fabric is soft and skin-friendly, moisture-absorbent and breathable. 2. Pattern: Use classic Yongju fashionable checkerboard elements and simple dot tuples for full printing, with illustrations of little girls and cloud bear elements, which are quiet and comfortable, and full of girlishness. 3. Color: Chardonnay yellow: Exuding a soft atmosphere, the fresh and elegant tone is like a ray of warm sunshine, transparent and delicate, and the cheerful colors give people a feeling of healing in spring and summer. Purple heather: has a peaceful and soothing color atmosphere, with a dreamlike The surreal texture is a mysterious color with an optimistic and positive attitude. Sachet powder: With the return of the millennium style and the impact of the post-epidemic period, people's demand for optimism has increased. The uplifting sachet powder is presented in colors with great visual tension to create an optimistic mood. The printing and dyeing method uses Environmental friendly printing and dyeing with 0 formaldehyde residue; no fluorescence, safe and non-irritating. 4. Process version: high elastic silk suture; ultra-thin soft elastic; hand-tearable washable mark; 3A anti-bacterial crotch bottom; anti-pinch P cutting; one piece Style cutting; seamless splicing process (the crotch bottom is covered with light design, comfortable to wear)

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