Balabala Toddler Girl Spring Knitted Underpants

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Color: Green Hue

Green Hue
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Size: 90

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1. Poem Stories Patterns: Village life: Children come back from school and fly kites happily on the green grass. The willow branches by the river dance with the wind. Song of Goose: Three innocent big white geese, flying in the lotus and play. When they are tired, tehy lie down and rest for a while, stretch their necks and sing a song. The white feathers and red soles are like a vivid ancient poem! Children's fishing: A child wearing a straw hat was fishing by the river. In order to get the fish to bite the hook, he would wave his hands hurriedly when someone asked for directions, for fear of startling the fish. Looking at it from a distance, he looked so cute. Drawing a chicken: How does a chick transform from an egg into a handsome big rooster with a white body and a red crown? Let’s draw together 2. Fabric: 170G Cotton Spandex, high-quality combed cotton, using compact spinning technology, the cotton fibers are arranged more closely, and the yarn surface is smooth and clean. The addition of spandex gives the fabric excellent resilience, making it comfortable to wear and non-deformable. After being treated with special dyeing and finishing processes, the fabric is soft and skin-friendly, moisture-absorbent and breathable. Grass coral plant 3A anti-bacterial: The fabric uses 30% grass coral fiber and 70% cotton blend, which maintains the natural and skin-friendly characteristics of cotton and adds the anti-bacterial properties of plants to achieve green, harmless and anti-bacterial properties.

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