Balabala Toddler Unisex Transition Cotton Socks

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Color: Red White Hue

Red White Hue
Red Blue Hue

Size: 66

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Main selling point: New Year's cute socks, New Year's auspicious socks are fashionable and comfortable; New Year's auspicious rabbit pattern, the "rabbit" in front is like a brocade, which means beautiful and beautiful. Second selling point: 1. Material: Selected Balabala high-grade combed cotton, using compact spinning technology, Compared with ordinary combed cotton, this kind of yarn has less hairiness, high strength, smoother yarn surface, excellent pilling resistance and abrasion resistance; double-strand thickness, suitable for all seasons. Textile with golden ratio of Lycra elastic spandex, high resilience, more comfortable to wear, not easy to deform, super elastic screw thread does not pinch the feet 2. Technology: seamless hand-sewn head, no bulge when worn, easy to grow and develop; adopts trapezoidal plate Styling process, the socks fit the leg shape and are not easy to strangle the legs; the 3D heel prevents the socks from falling off 3. Version: The design is above the ankle height to meet a variety of dressing needs 4. Design: The color is red, which is Chinese The favorite color of the nation, it has even become the cultural totem and spiritual refuge of the Chinese people. Chinese red absorbs the most vital elements of the rising sun, symbolizing eternity, light, vitality, prosperity, warmth and hope. If miracles have colors, it must be China. red! Source of inspiration for the pattern: the festive and auspicious rabbit for the New Year. The festive little lion pattern means peace, joy, and good fortune. Year of the Rabbit - the zodiac sign "Rabbit" is associated with Chang'e in traditional mythology and is a symbol of the moon. It is also the symbol of the moon in China. A beautiful word is closely connected with human life and people's good hopes, and has the connotation of goodness, beauty and peace. Combined with the bright future, it conveys the meaning of having a bright future.

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