Keep Your Kids Warm in the Weatherproof Jackets

Autumn is here and winter is approaching, so it is time to think about how to dress your kids for the cold weather to keep them warm and comfortable. In this guide, we’ll share our tried and tested weatherproof jackets for kids. And let’s talk about what to look for when buying autumn and winter clothes for kids and the multiple functions of materials that should consider.

  • Opt for windproof & waterproof fabric 

For autumn and winter weather, the insulation function of clothing is crucial. The outer layer of the jacket is made of recycled eco-friendly fabric and fleece material, which has rich properties such as waterproof, windproof, and breathable softness. It can meet the needs of children's outdoor sports and travel, and keep them warm while playing, preventing them from catching colds, thereby helping mothers protect their sweethearts.



  • Incorporate exquisite and humanizeddesign concepts

The hat of this jacket is detachable, and the vest and jacket can also be worn separately or combined to achieve multiple wearing methods, which is sufficient to cope with the temperature difference in the morning and evening, meeting the needs of diverse scenarios.

At the same time, our cute designers integrate multiple innovative technologies, focusing on children's physical and sensory rhythms, and guiding them to release energy correctly. For example, the cuffs of the jacket are adjustable for comfort and warmth, while the sleeve pockets are designed with emergency survival whistles to increase the safety of outdoor activities.



  • Beautiful and diversecolor options

Considering that every baby has their own preferred colors, our jackets not only come in gentle light shades such as beige, white, and purple, but also incorporate durable colors such as black, blue, and brown that are less prone to getting dirty.

But regardless of the design, our colors use contrasting elements to make the jacket full of vitality, so that children can also be infected by the vitality of the clothes in the cold autumn and winter!



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