Balabala Baby-Toddler Unisex New Year Season Woven Down Jacket

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Color: White Red Hue

White Red Hue
Red Hue

Size: 73

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1. Innovative and interesting New Year dumpling printing, an essential New Year delicacy - dumplings as the main element, combined with the shape of candied haws, and the dumplings are strung into candied haws. The pattern is novel and interesting, helping babies understand traditional New Year delicacies ~ 2. High-quality duck down filling, whole piece The coat is very fluffy, light and full of warmth. It can be used as a small heater during the Chinese New Year in winter. Even when my grandparents’ house doesn’t have a heater, my mother won’t be afraid of the baby getting cold. 3. The skin-like woven fabric has a cotton-like feel, the surface is soft, waxy and light, and the surface has high count and density, which can prevent light rain. If you occasionally get caught in the rain, you will not worry about your baby catching a cold. Moreover, the fabric has been treated with a special process of anti-drilling velvet on the inside, so mothers no longer have to worry about the velvet clothes running out of places with stitches and becoming unwarm~ 4. Cute Q-cute national-style knots, adding to the interest of the national style. 5. The Chinese-style small stand-up collar is made of fine and soft short plush fabric. The fur surface is tight and not easy to shed. It is soft and warm and protects the baby's little neck from cold wind in winter. 6. The cuffs and hem are both inwardly drawn with elastic elastic bands, which are just the right amount of tightness and comfort to prevent cold wind from blowing in, locking in temperature and keeping you warmer. 7. The persimmon-shaped patch pocket is cute and cute, and the plush bag cover is fun to pinch. During the Chinese New Year, it’s great to carry some red envelope candies in your pocket when visiting the house!


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