Balabala Kids Girl Spring Knitted Bra

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Color: Raw White

Raw White

Size: 150

货号: 20892419500210101150

1. Fabric - Made of high-quality combed cotton fabric, slightly elastic and non-restrictive, soft to the touch, skin-friendly and breathable 2. Lining - cotton lining, close-fitting, zero-allergy and skin-friendly, 2. Version - I-back version suitable for Some children have narrow shoulders and vest-type styles cannot fit well. You can choose a bra with appropriate elasticity and appropriate capacity to reduce the trouble of shoulder drop and allow them to move freely. b. The two-stage 3D darts fit the inside without rubbing against the skin and are comfortable. Wear, 3D capacity, care for development 3. Filling - 60G/square meter of non-fluorescent underwear special cotton, fluffy, light and not stuffy, non-detachable, non-displaceable, effectively prevents bumps. 4. Craftsmanship details - a. The piping and hem use suede elastic bands of different widths. They are ultra-thin, highly elastic and non-restraining. The suede is skin-friendly and has no feeling when worn. 5. Color - natural pastel color, fresh and elegant, opaque when worn, easy to match


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