Balabala Toddler Unisex Spring Knitted Socks

¥141.00 CNY

Color: Yellow Blue Hue

Yellow Blue Hue
Purple White Hue

Size: 100

货号: 20892417220200338100

Main selling point: Children's cute socks from the Mind series jacquard, lively, colorful and fun. A super cost-effective combination of five pairs, suitable for matching in various scenes. Second selling points: 1. Material: Selected high-grade Bala combed cotton, using compact siro spinning technology. Compared with ordinary combed cotton, this yarn has less hairiness. High strength, smoother yarn surface, excellent anti-pilling and abrasion resistance, and golden ratio textile with Lycra elastic spandex, high resilience, softer and more comfortable to wear, not easy to deform 2. Process: seamless hand-stitched The head has no bulging feeling when worn and is easy to grow and develop; using trapezoidal plate shaping technology, the socks fit the leg shape and are not easy to strangle the legs; 3D 3D heel prevents the socks from falling off 3. Version: Designed to be above the ankle height, satisfying Various outfit needs 4. Choose forest animal garden party theme patterns, small animal themes, and rich colors. Cute and cute; full of fun.


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