Balabala Toddler Unisex Spring Knitted Socks

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Color: Red White Hue

Red White Hue
Blue Gray Hue

Size: 120

货号: 20892417220400361120

Main selling point: children's cute socks and floor socks with mental animal jacquard pattern, lively, colorful and interesting. Environmental friendly glue dispensing, non-slip, comfortable and safe Second selling point: 1. Material: Balabala high-grade combed cotton is selected, using compact siro spinning technology. Compared with ordinary combed cotton, this yarn has less hairiness, high strength, and The surface of the thread is smoother and cleaner, with high-quality anti-pilling and abrasion resistance. It is woven in a golden ratio with Lycra elastic spandex. It has high rebound and is softer and more comfortable to wear. It is not easy to deform. The sole of the sock is Environmental friendly and is glued. It is safe, non-slip, comfortable and easy to wear 2 .Technology: seamless hand-stitched head, no convex feeling when worn, easy to grow and develop; using trapezoidal plate shaping process, the socks fit the leg shape and are not easy to pinch the legs; 3D 3D heel, no socks will fall off 3. Version: over The ankle-height design meets a variety of dressing needs. 4. Use forest animal garden party theme patterns, small animal themes, and rich colors. Cute and cute; full of fun.


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