balabala Kids Girl Outdoor Style Denim Shorts

¥318.00 CNY ¥207.00 CNY

Color: Blue Hue

Blue Hue
Raw White
Denim Blue

Size: 7-8 Years

7-8 Years
8-10 Years
10-12 Years
12-13 Years
13-14 Years
14-15 Years
货号: 20222411000600388130

1. Prefer elastic and comfortable denim fabric. 2. Basic shorts, versatile and easy to wear. 3. Hem hem to enhance the uniqueness of the style. 4. Themed woven labels and hand-stitched pearl details enhance the feminine features of the style. 5. Tie-dyed all-over printing, in line with the current fashion trend. 6. Flower-themed buttons highlight the sophistication.


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