balabala Kids Girl Outdoor Style Woven One-Piece Dress

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Color: White Purple Hue

White Purple Hue
White Black Hue
Red Hue
Blue Hue

Size: 7-8 Years

7-8 Years
8-10 Years
10-12 Years
12-13 Years
13-14 Years
14-15 Years
货号: 20222411104000417130

1. Color: This model uses popular colors of pink and purple and classic black and white, blue and pink tones. It looks easy and fashionable for children to wear every day. 2. Style: A-shaped three-layer tower skirt, with a loose fit and a square scoop neck design that is fashionable and generous. The wearing experience is comfortable and not tight, and can meet the wearing needs of children of different body types. 3. Matching: This can be worn alone. It is especially suitable for school, daily life and going out. 4. Seasonal: This thickness is suitable for wearing in summer. 5. Fabric: The unique texture of the fabric enhances the texture of the entire dress. The all-over printing of hearts and letters is romantic and has a touch of coolness. The print of smudged flowers is sweet and romantic. 6. Popular elements: Love pearl decorative buttons enhance the sophistication of the entire dress.


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