balabala Kids Girl Woven One-Piece Dress

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Color: White Hue

White Hue

Size: 4-5 Years

4-5 Years
6-7 Years
7-8 Years
8-10 Years
10-12 Years
12-13 Years
货号: 20222411102300411110

1. The main body is made of small diamond-shaped mesh and jacquard hot silver lace fabric. The lace fabric is gorgeous and exquisite, and there are a lot of mesh decorations, giving it a strong sense of gorgeous ceremony. 2. The style is high-waisted and wide-slung, highly tolerant, and comes with a removable mesh cape. 3. There is romantic floral embroidery on the chest, the composite superimposed embroidery process of sequins and tube beads, the style and craftsmanship are complicated and gorgeous. 4. The skirt is decorated with irregular mesh ruffles, which increases the volume and has a strong sense of ceremony, which can meet the needs of formal occasions.


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