balabala Kids Girl Woven One-Piece Dress

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Color: White Hue

White Hue

Size: 4-5 Years

4-5 Years
6-7 Years
7-8 Years
8-10 Years
10-12 Years
12-13 Years
货号: 20222411102700411110

1. The main body is made of tight knitted double-sided fabric and spliced ​​with woven chiffon. Knitted fabrics are crisp and stylish, dense and textured. The skirt is made of chiffon and mesh, which is soft, comfortable, elegant and sweet. 2. Small puff sleeve style, classic mid-waist and wide swing style, and the version is very tolerant. 3. The neckline is made of spliced ​​lace material and decorated with bows. It is a fake two-piece style.


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