balabala Toddler Boy Explore Style Round V-Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt

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Color: Blue


Size: 18-24 Months

18-24 Months
2-4 Years
4-5 Years
6-7 Years
7-8 Years
货号: 20122411711080940090

1. Grey-blue color, suitable for outdoor use. 2. Made of 180g magic yarn single-sided fabric, multiple fabric functions are superimposed, with continuous cooling + antibacterial + breathability, always caring for the baby; the loose version is not tight and more stylish; the design technique of color needle and shuttle splicing; three-dimensional filling Cotton woven label combined with printed monogram. 3. Pair it with cool loose overalls, paratrooper pants or jeans to make it easier to go out on the street. It is more suitable for scenes such as going out in the city and taking photos outdoors. 4. Suitable for summer wear.


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