balabala Toddler Girl Explore Style Woven One-Piece Dress

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Color: Yellow Hue

Yellow Hue

Size: 18-24 Months

18-24 Months
2-4 Years
4-5 Years
6-7 Years
7-8 Years
货号: 20122411104400333090

1. Color: noble champagne color, elegant temperament. 2. Style: A-type skirt that is easy to wear, more tolerant for children, and comfortable; three-dimensional jacquard fabric + sequin embroidery of the same color, with texture and sparkle, wear it, under the light, You are the focus that is always shining. 3. Matching: It can be matched with complete headwear (crown, headband) and sparkling princess shoes for children. It will be particularly brilliant when taking photos at children's parties, birthdays and performances.


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