BALABALA | ULTRAMAN Collaboration Series: Standing alongside light, heroes return!

Born in darkness, but transformed by light,

Embodied as a guardian of justice, protecting universal peace,

Amidst the intertwining chaos, the triumvirate of Heisei heroes appears,

Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Dyna, and Ultraman Gaia.

As the embodiment of light, bringing BalaT's cosmic technology,

Guarding the dreams of young heroes,

The battle of justice is about to commence.



Ultraman Dyna bestows BalaT with swift-tech,

Empowering young heroes to launch fearless attacks with unstoppable energy.

The magic thread releases the "power of light",

Sweat quietly dissipates, comfortable and energized.

Cooling energy 

The battle suit light as a swallow, striking with agility.

BalaT is surrounded by cooling energy, injecting calmness into the battlefield.

Adapting to the ever-changing circumstances, piercing through all darkness with the belief in light.

Faith in light 

Light is the bond, it will be passed on and shine once again.

With unwavering belief, forging ahead, standing side by side with Ultraman Dyna to face challenges.

Transforming into a tiny hero to save the Earth.

The youths join hands with Ultraman, once again triumphing over the forces of darkness.


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