Balabala Baby Unisex Spring Knitted Trousers

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Color: White Green Hue

White Green Hue
Blue Hue
Light Tan

Size: 73

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1. Style: Brand new version of pp pants, fat but not too big, just right in size, elasticated at the ankles to prevent wind, making it easier to wear and less likely to move. 2. Fabric: Made of 265g cotton SORONA sweatshirt, the inside and outside texture is comfortable and soft, skin-friendly, patient and wear-resistant. 3. Color: Purple clouds are cute and cute, with nimble little feet, full of fun. Full of green stripes, full of artistic sense, suitable for both boys and girls. The camel color is versatile and stylish, and the denim color is fashionable and easy to wear. 4. Pattern shape: The purple little clouds are cute, the green stripes are all printed with artistic temperament, the camel bear is naughty and fun, and the pocket details can provide little tips for babies to hold snacks. You no longer have to worry about throwing things when you go out.

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