balabala Kid Girl loose casual breathable short-sleeved T-shirt 7-14 years

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color: purple


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Colorful laser cutting film pattern, full of sense of movement, fashionable and shining, shining brightly under lights and sunlight, colorful and dazzling. The combination of bear elements and letter printing is simple yet cute, which is deeply loved by energetic girls. Moisture-absorbing and quick-drying fabric functions: 1. It has the natural comfort of cotton, moisture-absorbing and breathable, smooth and skin-friendly, elastic and shape-keeping, suitable for leisure, sports, and commuting.
2. The unique cool feeling of the fabric and the quick-drying function are more suitable for the sweltering summer, making the wearing experience more comfortable. Colorful (design for sale) Colorful sports, vibrant tie-dye, can be salty or sweet, to meet different color preferences and scene matching. Loose fit: The fit is loose, the side seams go forward, the front is short and the back is long, it doesn't pick your body shape, and the fashionable and trendy box shape is versatile.

composition:Fabric: 80.7% Cotton 19.3% Polyester

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