Balabala Baby Unisex New Year Season Woolen Sweater

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Color: Red Green Hue

Red Green Hue
Red Hue
Chinese Red

Size: 73

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1. Story: This season, we teamed up with Sister Mai to create a Year of the Dragon pattern. The hide-and-seek red is all printed with little dragons. Like babies, they love to hide and seek. Mom and dad came to see them, and the little dragon finally showed his face. Candied haws on a stick is Xiaolong's favorite food, so he has a lot of candied haws on a stick. 2. Color: The red all-over printing uses a combination of turquoise green and red, which is fashionable and foreign-style, full of new year flavor. The candied haws all-over printing is cute and fun, suitable for babies with different skin colors. The faucet is cute and cute, and the 3D eyes have a sound when touched, giving a sense of interaction. Perfect, 3. Fabric: Made of 32S/2 44% acrylic, 34% polyester, 22% cotton, moderate thickness, washable and wearable, and good warmth retention performance.

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