balabala Toddler Boy Explore Style Knitted Short Sleeve Set

$48.99 USD $31.99 USD

Color: Blue Hue

Blue Hue

Size: 18-24 Months

18-24 Months
2-4 Years
4-5 Years
6-7 Years
7-8 Years
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Mã hàng: 20122411910200388090
Sự miêu tả

1. This vest suit is made of blue and white floral panels. The little boy looks very lively when wearing it. 2. This vest suit has a loose fit. The fabric is made of 160g iced tea plain single-sided plus spliced ​​150G chemical fiber spandex hollow jacquard fabric. It has the multiple advantages of moisture absorption, quick drying, coolness, antibacterial and anti-mite, and is suitable for little boys. Get up and move around without fear of sweating, heat, or mosquito bites. 3. This T-shirt can be worn closely by children, and is particularly suitable for outings and other scenes. 4. This thickness can be worn in summer temperatures.

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